Polar Bear

The polar bear is Kendal Museum’s most well know animal, it also one of the largest in the museum standing over 7 feet tall. At Christmas time our young visitors can send letters to Santa via the polar post.
As far back as Christmas 1986 staff at Kendal Museum started to find notes addressed to Santa tucked under the paw of their polar bear for safe delivery to the North Pole – and since 2003 it has become an official ‘Polar Post’ service.

The original story was traced back to local boy Robin Davies, now aged 31, the son of Natural History Curator at Kendal Museum Carol Davies. “It started out as a story that our 7 foot high polar bear would make sure his letter was safely delivered to Santa,” said Carol.
“Gradually the word got around and now every year there is a steady flow of letters – it must work because Santa always replies to everyone.” Personalised replies usually take about a week to arrive sometimes faster with Santa email technology!